‘Kabir Singh’s Fame Shahid Kapoor’s Sick Mentality Leaves Internet Fuming

“Kabir Singh” has been a major milestone in the career of Shahid Kapoor. Rather after more than a decade of the journey, it is for the first time that his film has entered the 100 crore club and beyond. Naturally, the actor is getting good offers, his stakes have increased and suddenly he is finding himself among the elite few. But there are certain aspects of “Kabir Singh” that were slammed by many and considered the approach of Kabir in the film as typical male chauvinist and harassing.

When the same questions were asked to Shahid during an interview, his answers left the netizens shocked. The social media users are asking how a stable person can give such replies and many have even said that the father-of-two is mentally sick.

Shahid Kapoor Gives Shocking Reply

In an interview the host asked Shahid, “You took a 19-year old girl by force in your film, how might that encourage rape culture and toxic masculinity.” To this question, Shahid replied, “You are behaving as if she was your sister or girlfriend.” He even laughs and mocks the interviewer.

Now the netizens are questioning what sort of attitude is this. Shahid is defending the negative aspects of his character which somehow cannot be accepted. When the interviewer asked Shahid whether physical abuse is okay in a relationship to express the love he went on to ask how come no one said anything about Shah Rukh Khan’s role in “Baazigar” or behavior of Ranbir Kapoor in “Sanju.”

Social media users have not liked this approach of Shahid Kapoor for whom it seems the success of a film is everything irrespective of the way it makes an impact on society. Films greatly influence the mindset of people across pan India and this irresponsible attitude of leading stars from Bollywood is surely quite disheartening.