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Jiah Khan Death Case: Documentary Throws Light On Questions That Makes Audience Suspect Her Suicide

A three-episode long investigative documentary was released on the late Bollywood actor Jiah Khan’s death by BBC this week. ‘Death In Bollywood’ focuses on Jiah Khan’s death mystery and the investigation which gave rise to many theories. Her death was ruled a suicide after she was found dead in her apartment in Juhu in 2013.

The netizens have been sharing their divided reaction after watching the series; while some blame Bollywood biggies others are questioning the police. Either way, the audience is left perplexed with the questions raised in the docu-series that still remain unanswered after years of the controversial death of Jiah.

In the series, both sides are presented with Rabia Khan, mother of Jiah, and her sisters pointing out a bigger conspiracy and stating that it was a murder. Sooraj Pancholi, Jiah’s boyfriend at the time and also allegedly the main culprit, shared his side saying that he had nothing to do with her death. His name was found in her suicide note recovered by authorities. Aditya Pancholi also featured in the docu saying that he hopes the real person behind this murder is found so Sooraj can be proved innocent.

The series shed light on how the police investigation, crime scene, and evidence were highly compromised.  Some loopholes that suggest it might not be a suicide that raises suspicion were discussed in the series as well. Like, the tracksuit she was seen in her apartment camera wearing just 15 minutes before her death was missing and has not been found yet. Her phone password was removed and all her data including pictures and messages were wiped from the phone when it was recovered.

Jiah starred in many films like Nishabd, Ghajini, and Housefull. She was 25 years old when she passed away in her Mumbai apartment.

As it has been seven years since the tragedy, only time will say if the questions will be answered or it will remain as an unsolved mystery just like a number of deaths in Bollywood.

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