Sangati Jogwar

Jennifer Winget is back on the small screen with “Beyhadh 2.” And as usual, she is performing an intense role. In “Beyhadh” first season the ex-wife of Karan Singh Grover played an obsessive lover. This time around she is focused on taking revenge. The story will grow more interesting as it will unfold in the upcoming weeks.

The first season of this franchise was a big hit and makers are expecting to hit the nail with this one too. Apart from the series and its actors what has attracted more media attention is the whooping paycheck that the “Kusum” of “Saraswati Chandra” is taking home.

Big Package For Jennifer Winget

Undeniably there are very few stars on television that are offered a big amount for their work. Apart from Hina Khan, Sakshi Tanwar, Jennifer Winget is one actress who always has been in the top league. This time along for “Beyhadh 2” she is being offered around 1.80 lakhs per episode. It is a big amount that is very rarely offered to any television star.

Of course, celebs like Salman Khan or Amitabh Bachchan are paid much more for their appearances on television, but for a television star with no other claim to fame, this amount is quite huge. Even the male lead of the show, Shivin Narang is getting paid a decent amount-around 85-to 90 thousand per episode.

Depending upon how the show runs, Jennifer is poised to take home really a very big amount. Jennifer Winget has always been quite popular among Indian television fans. But her popularity soared manifold as Maya in the first season of “Beyhadh.” The makers believe that since the audience loved Jennifer as Maya in her next avatar in the second season they would offer the same response.

While discussing her take on the character of Maya this season, Jennifer Winget said, “We have established the character pretty well now and we did not want it to be repetitive. So, this time, the concentration is more on the story than the character. We have taken traits of Maya from the previous season and taken the thought of her and weaved it into a new story.”