Basyukta Basuprava

Hours after “Beyonce Sharma Jayegi” from the Ishaan Khatter and Ananya Pandey starrer Khaali Peeli was released, it had to face backlash and the phrase from the song was later changed.

The song has unleashed fury on Twitter where the social media users are not putting up with the song’s subtle racism and colourism.

The lyrics that actually triggered outrage among Twitterati was 'Tujhe dekh ke goriya Beyonce sharma jayegi'.

No idea about Beyonce, but Indians definitely felt second hand embarrassment after listening to this song.

The fact that 'goriya' and global icon Beyonce were sung in the same breath doesn’t sit well with the Indian fans.

Further, the fact that both Pandey and Khatter are products of nepotism, this certainly doesn’t help their case either. The song currently has 325k dislikes and counting on YouTube.

In a bid to avoid more backlash, the song title was amended to “Beyonse Sharma Jayegi" which invited more trolling on the case that changing the spell of Beyonce doesn't solve the issue.

Then the Beyonce reference was taken off from the song. The song was changed from “tujhe dekh ke goriya, Beyoncé sharma jayegi” to “tera dekh ke nakhra, yeh duniya sharma jayegi.”

As of earlier today, the song’s title has been changed and the video re-uploaded under the title “Duniya Sharma Jayegi.”