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Sangati Jogwar

Indian Idol 12 kicked off its grand premiere last week with the top 15 presenting some of the best performances. Anjali Gaikwad, Sawai Bhatt, Nachiket Lele, Shanmukha Priya, and a few others came up with smashing finale-style performances and impressed the judges.

While these contestants were expected to give top-notch performances, it was the reappearance of Yuvraj Medhe on the show that surprised many. As is known, Yuvraj worked as a sweeper on the sets of Indian idol. He developed his singing listening to the earlier contestants and the comments of the judges.

During an interview recently, Yuvraj revealed, "I have been working on the set of 'Indian Idol' for the past three to four years. My friends were working there. I did sweeping and helped in setting up the place."


Even Vishal Dadlani who is one of the judges on the Indian Idol 12 was surprised that a sweeper on the sets of their show could sing this well.

He shared his views on social media saying, "Such a magical thing when talent grows where one hasn't even thought of looking. And for #YuvrajMedhe to say that our comments have shaped his singing while he was sweeping the set....that is more of a reward than any success, money or fame! So proud of him!"


Indian Idol 12 Judges Bring Back Yuvraj Medhe on Popular Demand

Unfortunately, Yuvraj could not get a place in the top 15 as the other contestants were too good. But with his voice and story of struggle, the young singer managed to create a soft corner in the minds of judges as well as the public. On popular demand, the judges have now decided to give him another chance.




Looking at the overwhelming response that Yuvraj received, judges last weekend decided to give him a chance to train under music trainers who also train the selected top Indian Idol 12 contestants. They believe with proper guidance and training Yuvraj will be able to excel in his singing.

And fans are just eager to watch whether Yuvraj will be able to make the most of this opportunity that he has received or not.

During the upcoming weekend, famous rapper Badshah will grace the stage of Indian Idol 12. And as expected there will be a lot of good singing, Masti and fun.




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