Hrithik Roshan Impact; Kangana Ranaut Still Haunted By ‘War’ Actor?

Kangana Ranaut and Hrithik Roshan had an ugly spat a couple of years ago when by accident the “Queen” mentioned about some silly exes. Unexpectedly this was taken quite seriously by the “War” actor and what followed was a series of allegations about cheating and dishonesty between the two. It took a lot of time to settle down.

Kangana Still Haunted By Handsome Hrithik?

During the entire controversy, the family of Hrithik including his parents and ex-wife Susanne was constantly supporting him. Moreover, the “Super 30” actor also received a lot of support from the big- wigs in the industry whereas the “Tanu Weds Manu” actress was sidelined by most.

Irrespective of all the legal issues that alleged couple went through the post all the drama, many believed that now both Hrithik and Kangana are happy and steady in their own space. But that does not seem to be true.

At least with Kangana Ranaut who has never been linked with anyone post her alleged tiff with Hrithik Roshan. Her recent comments indicate so. A few days ago when the National Award-winning actress took part in a media summit she was asked a very daring and hypothetical question.

Kangana was asked what she would do if she woke up as Hrithik one day. Although this question did embarrass and unsettled the actress a bit, she promptly replied that she will pick up the phone and apologize as Hrithik to Kangana. She said, “So whatever has happened between us, whatever karma that we have exchanged, I will call Kangana and I will tell her that I am sorry for what I did.”

Now, indeed that was quite an unabashed reply which did not surprise her fans because the actress is known for her bold and frank comments. Interestingly, she even did not bat her eyelid while saying that she will pull the ears of media people if she woke up as Salman Khan.