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Sangati Jogwar

Rakul Preet Singh is one actress who has always attracted attention not only with her movies but also due to her stunning figure. The “De De Pyaar De” actress has really given her fans some major workout goals lately and everyone seems to be taking inspiration from it. Recently she dazzled everyone with her rigorous workout regime and now she has shared a picture in which the actress is seen performing yoga.

Rakul has captioned the picture as "Nothing is better than kickstarting my day with Yoga !! Transform your life inside out #stretch #meditation #innerwellbeing #healthymind #healthybody @anshukayoga."The actress loves to be fit and active and always follows a strict diet and fitness routine.

Rather she says, “My brain doesn’t work until my muscles are pumped from some form of exercise. Staying active comes naturally to me.”


Rakul’s Favorite Exercises That Keep Her Fit

One of her regular favorites is anti-gravity or aerial yoga in which yoga swing or hammock is used to perform different postures that are a part of regular yoga. These are the postures that are difficult to perform on the yoga mat. Basically this form of yoga originated in New York and is a combination of dance, Pilates, and yoga and provides total body workout.

Strength training or weight training is another favorite of Rakul Preet Singh that improves muscular fitness. In this form, you exercise a specific muscle or muscle group against external resistance. The resistance used can be weight machines, free weights, or even your own body weight. Rakul performs it twice a week for 30 minutes. Strength training is the best way to lose weight quickly.

Stretching is also an important part of Rakul’s exercise regime that offers flexibility to the body. By following all these different exercises and keeping a tab on what she eats, the “Yaariyaan” actress manages to keep herself beautiful and fit.

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