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Basyukta Basuprava

Deepika Padukone is one of the biggest female superstars in the country and continues to rule the hearts of the audience with each passing movie. Her stellar acting, dancing skills along with a massive fan-base makes her one of the most bankable stars in Bollywood. There is no surprise that she is one of the highest-paid actors in Bollywood who is paid equally if not more than her male co-star in every movie. Last year, her net worth crossed well over her husband Ranveer Singh’s with a whopping total of 120 million dollars.

As Deeps turns 35, we share some of the ridiculously expensive objects owned by the content queen which will blow your mind –

A Collection Of Luxury Cars

Deepika has one of the fanciest and the most expensive collection of cars among B-town actors. Her first luxury car was a BMW 5 luxury sedan which cost Rs 64 lakh. She is the only celebrity apart from Shah Rukh Khan, Ranbir Kapoor, and Salman Khan who owns an Audi A8 which costs Rs 1.56 crore, and an Audi Q7 worth Rs 94 lakh. One of the most expensive cars from her stable is a Mercedes Maybach, making her one of the few stars who own it, which costs a whopping Rs 1.7 crore.

Handbag Collection

DP loves her handbags and evidently spends a major chunk of her earnings on those. She owns a collection of the biggest luxury brands around the world from Gucci, Channel, Louis Vuitton to Burberry and Hermes. Her Gucci tote bags and handbags start from Rs. 10 lakh and one of her favorite bags are from Celine Phantom which is worth Rs. 6 lakh. Not to forget the world-class limited edition Birkin bag, which is made out of calf leather which comes with a tag of Rs. 12 lakh.


The Costliest Jeans

The Actor who is known for making style statements is also the owner of the costliest jeans ever worn by a Bollywood star. These hand-embroidered jeans which she wore on her last birthday took a month to be made and are exclusively customized for her. The denim was priced at Rs 3 lakh. So much for a casual look!

Her Posh Homes

When Deepika Padukone made her debut she was on rented a flat for Rs 2 lakh per month and later bought a flat in the poshest area of Mumbai worth Rs. 40 crore. She also owns a 12 crore worth 4 BHK apartment that offers sweeping views of South Mumbai and the Sea Link.

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