Sangati Jogwar

Guru Randhawa is the latest singing icon as every musical track from the singer is a big hit. It is similar to the success Yo-Yo Honey Singh enjoyed until a couple of years ago. Guru Randhawa did not become a star overnight. It took him some time to get national recognition. But yes he is here to stay for a long time. Being a Punjabi he loves all the things that every Punjabi does like eating special Punjabi Khana and yes dancing to Bhangra.
In his tweet, the iconic singer recently revealed that he has a crazy love for Bhangra and you can watch him doing some fantastic moves in a video.

Originality Makes Guru Stand Out

Guru Randhawa is one of the topmost singers of India today. Out of all the Punjabi legendary singers including Daler Mehendi, Miika Singh, and Diljit Dosanjh, Guru enjoys the highest fan following and is one of the most loved artists today. The big reason for his huge popularity is his songs that simply tempt every listener to groove and dance to its tunes.
Also, Guru has a very unique voice that is easily recognizable in any song. His uniqueness and originality make him stand out among the other young aspirants in the music world trying to make a name in the Indian music industry. After gaining a lot of fame, respect and name in Punjab, Guru Randhawa in the last couple of years, has focused his attention on Bollywood.
His many songs including “Tainu Suit Suit Karta” and “Hai Re Hai Nakahara Tera Ni” have been a part of Bollywood movies and have been very famous. Rather many times the audience just loves to hear his songs even if the movie is not good enough. His every song has some Punjabi twist.
Recently he made an international debut by collaborating with the world-famous Pitbull for creating a superhit musical in Spanish.