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‘Flames’ Season 2: Romance Take A Backseat?


All the new five episodes of TVF’s “Flames” Season 2 are currently streaming on both MX player and TVFPlay. Sadly, for the young generation who were hooked to the show in the first season for its romantic theme, the second season can be a bit disappointing. As the episodes unfold, parenting and tussle between kids take the forefront and romance is relegated to the backdrop.

The current season kicks off from where the first season ended. The students on “Flames” Rajat (Ritvik Sahore), Anusha (Sunakshi Grover), Ishita (Tanya Maniktala), and Pandu (Shivam Kakkar) are still attending the Sunshine coaching classes to get help for Mathematics and Chemistry.

Ishita And Rajat Dating, Pandu & Anusha On & Off Couple

Both Ishita and Rajat are now in a romantic mode dating each other. They are going through the first love delicate phase whereas their friends Anusha and Pandu are in the on and off couple mode which is quite common at this young age. However, suddenly the paradise of love becomes hell when the parent of Ishita comes to know about her involvement with Rajat.

Although Ishita’s father is this cool and cuddly dude, he still is a bit upset but gets ready to hear her out without passing any judgment. But for Rajat things go very bad as his strict parents take away his freedom, his phone and ensure that he does not step outside the house. The problems for Rajat are already tough as his tyrant father is behind him hell-bent on ensuring that his son becomes an engineer. His mother, on the other hand, is torn between her son and husband.

For Ishita, her father though a single parent is more of a buddy than dad. Hence things are much brighter for her. The “Flames” Season 2 episodes focus more on the treatment meted out by the parents to their children when they are caught in a relationship and the heartbreak of separation these young lovers face.

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