Sangati Jogwar

Drishyam 2 is all set to release tomorrow on Amazon Prime Video. Ahead of its release the superstar Mohanlal who plays the lead along with Meena in this sequel had a chat with his fans on Twitter. Revealing a few things about the flick during the session, Mohanlal made some shocking revelations regarding what to expect from Drishyam 2.

The actor said, "All I can say now is that this will be an edge-of-the-seat crime-thriller with more twists and turns. I would request the audience not to compare it with the first film. This one is best enjoyed as an independent film."

This is a surprising twist considering the fact that everyone expected the movie to start from where it ended in the first part. Even fans are wondering as to how the story of Drishyam 2 unveil and the anticipations are certainly very high.

The makers earlier released a melodious song from the sequel which has already won the hearts of fans.

Drishyam 2 Release Date Confusion On Social Media

While officially, the movie is supposed to be releasing tomorrow on OTT, a trend on social media indicates that the sequel may start streaming from tonight.

However, going by the promotional video from Mohanlal, Drishyam 2 will release on 19th February.