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Sangati Jogwar

“Chhoti Sardarni” is slowly climbing the TRP charts and now is in the top 10 beating the best of the shows on television. Very soon it is expected to come in first five as the unexpected events on the show leave the viewers stunned week after week. As the story unfolded this week audiences got to see Mehar and Sarabjeet sharing some cute moments as well as others in the Gill family.

Fans have been dying to see a lead couple of the show come together and enjoy some private moments. Although the current twists and turns are enough to keep the viewers hooked to the screen, “Chhoti Sardarni” never fails to come up with one surprise after the other with hits high-voltage melodrama.

New Trouble On Doorstep Of Mehar & Sarab

Fans of “Chhoti Sardarni” are thinking that there will be some cool-off moments on the show now that both Mehar and Sarab have overcome so many troubles and got united after undergoing so many problems. But the troubles of this couple are yet far from over. Their little heart Param has now become an integral part of both Sarab and Mehar’s life. They consider Param as a part of their family.

But destiny has planned something else. Although Param’s mother is nowhere around to stake a claim on her son, it’s the maternal grandparents of Param who will reach the doorsteps of the Gill house and create trouble for Mehar and Sarab.

Nana and Nani played by Avtar Gill and Vinita Malik will now play the role of troublemakers on “Chhoti Sardarni” by filing a case against the Gill family. They will stake a claim on Param’s custody which will put both Sarab and Mehar in a dilemma. Emotionally both of them are very attached to Param. Now it would be interesting to watch how the things unfold on this show whether Param goes to his grandparents or Mehar and Sarab manage to get his custody.

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