Casting Couch: Hate Story Actress Says South Indian Directors Wanted To See Her Cleavage, Thigh

Experiences revealed by many actresses and socialites from the B-town have proved time and again that there exists a thing called casting couch in the entertainment industry. Be it Bollywood, Tollywood or Kollywood, women had to face such approaches and many even have succumbed to it due to pressures and their desires to reach the top.

One such name that has been quite active in coming out with her experiences related to casting couch is the talented actress Surveen Chawla. She has not only worked in the Hindi movies but has now spread her wings making an impact in both Punjabi and South Indian flicks.

Surveen Reveals Her Horrifying Experiences

In her career of a few years, the beautiful actress had to face the horrifying experience of casting couch at least a few times. In an exclusive interview, recently the “Hate Story 2” actress revealed that it was not an easy journey for her and that she had to face the infamous practice of casting couch, especially in the South Indian film industry.

While recalling one such embarrassing experience, the actress said, “I had faced it thrice in the South. This was just around the time I was transitioning into movies from television. So this director told me, ‘There’s a language barrier between us. I want to know every inch of your body’. I was shocked. I didn’t do the film.”

Surveen Chawla continued, “Another time, it was a very famous National Award-winning director. We had done the recee and trials and look tests too. But he got a guy from his team to call me and say, “Ma’am, It’s a long association. So this will continue until the film is over. I didn’t even understand what he wanted to say. Then, when I did, I told him that if the director felt I’m talented enough, he will take me in the film. I don’t have to barter myself for this. It was for his directorial in which he was acting as well. I didn’t end up doing the film.”

It is indeed shocking that despite #Metoomovement and other measures taken to curb harassment towards women, such incidences continue to happen in the film industry.