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Sangati Jogwar

Priyanka Chopra today shared a heartfelt message on the 70th birthday of her father Ashok Chopra. In her post, the actress penned, "My forever cheerleader. You would have been 70 today. Miss you dad." Along with the message, the desi girl also shared a video in which Ashok Chopra is accepting an award on behalf of his daughter.

He says, “I take this award on behalf of Priyanka. My little child, I wish you were here. I dedicate this award to those artists who come from a small town. They believe in God, they believe in themselves and by their grit and determination of their talent, they make their mark. God bless you, Priyanka.”


Special Bonding Between Priyanka Chopra and Her Dad

Both the parents of PeeCee have been quite vocal about their support for Priyanka. And all through the years while the actress continued to succeed in the fashion and entertainment industry she made sure to keep aside one day, especially for her father. That day is 16th December- Vijay Diwas which India celebrates to commemorate its victory over Pakistan in 1971.

Apart from being a doctor by profession, Ashok Chopra was also a good singer. Every year he sang patriotic and other Hindi songs on Vijay Diwas. Priyanka Chopra knew how important this day was for her father. That is why she always attended this program. What's more, she also sang on the stage whenever possible.


Most importantly, it was the wish of Ashok Chopra that Priyanka becomes a singer. That is why the actress took up singing and sung some blockbusters over the years.

I was Very Close to My Dad, Losing Him Changed Me-Says PeeCee

In one of the interviews after Ashok Chopra's demise, Priyanka stated that she was very close to her dad. Losing him changed her a lot. The actress said, "I have this space in my heart which is empty which is going to be like that. My dad was my biggest fan, my biggest supporter. He loved my achievement. He was very creative."

She continued, "So losing that and losing his insight on my life I used to feel angry with him after he died. I felt abandoned. But over the years I have realized that grief becomes your companion. It does not go away. It just stays with you."



Ashok Chopra died in 2013 after battling cancer.  Priyanka Chopra was very close to the retired Lieutenant Colonel who served the Indian Army as a doctor until 1997. The actress has a tattoo on her right wrist dedicated to her father.

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