Sangati Jogwar

With the Navratri season around, Bigg Boss 14 is also having Navratri celebrations inside the house. Amidst all the tasks, Pavitra Puniya's emotional outburst over Rahul Vaidya became a hot topic of discussion on social media.

Pavitra started crying when word got around that Rahul Vaidya is saying that Pavitra has a crush on Abhinav Shukla. It so happened that both Eijaz Khan and Pavitra were doing their captaincy task but could not come to any conclusion. At the same time, Rahul discussed with other inmates that Pavitra has a crush on Abhinav. The Indian Idol 1 contestant went on to say that Pavitra herself admitted about her crush.

Pavitra Slammed Rahul Vaidya For Assassinating Her Character in Bigg Boss 14

When Pavitra came to know about this she was very angry and said that Rahul was a 'neech' person. She even warned Rahul not to repeat such a bitchy act or she will simply thrash him physically. Nishant Malkani tried to mend this row between Pavitra and Rahul by saying that the latter should say sorry even though his intentions were not wrong.

Later on, other contestants Jamin, Abhinav, and Rubina tried to console Pavitra. But all this drama triggered a massive reaction from netizens on Twitter. Some of the Bigg Boss 14 followers believed that Pavitra's outburst was unnecessary and sort of an overreaction. On the other hand, some netizens thought that Rahul should watch his tongue before speaking.

Apart from netizens, even a few inmates were of the opinion that Rahul Vaidya should think before saying anything. Jaan Kumar Sanu, Nikki Tamboli, and Nishant Malkani seemed dead against Rahul. Nikki directly said to Rahul, "Sab bolte hai, aap double dholki ho.”

Earlier in yesterday's episode, Nishant Malkani became the first voted captain of this season. Later on, Bigg Boss slammed him for not following the rules and revoked his powers as captain. It obviously disappointed Nishant.

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