Basyukta Basuprava

In the Weekend Ka Vaar, host Salman revealed another big twist that took the contestants and viewers by surprise. This week is going to be the finale week where a few housemates will be confirmed to continue and the rest will be eliminated from Bigg Boss. Last week, Rubina became the first confirmed contestant when Ekta Kapoor handed her the ‘immunity stone’.

Now, Bigg Boss gave the other housemates a chance to win immunity by sharing their biggest secrets which is not known to the audience. This leads to some massive revelations by housemates and emotions run high in the house.

In the latest promo, Rubina Dilaik reveals that her marriage with Abhinav Shukla was on the rocks and they were on the verge of getting a divorce. She bursts into tears while saying   “Humne ek dusre ko November tak ka time diya tha. We were about to get divorced. Agar yaha dono saath nahi aate, toh shayad sath bhi na reh paate”. Abhinav also cries while saying it unfortunate that their family and friends got to know this news from the show and it will be flashed all over the news.

Meanwhile, Eijaz Khan opens about his past trauma, he shares that the reason why he is so uncomfortable with people touching him is that he was molested as a child. He breaks down while saying even his father doesn’t know about it and he is sorry for not sharing it with him.

Jasmin Bhasin and Nikki Tamboli were also seen distressed as they were torn between sharing their secrets and being judged by others. Jasmin asks Aly Goni that would his love for her change after sharing the secret. This task is guaranteed to open the pandora’s box.

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