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Mumbai: Bigg Boss 14 contestant Rakhi Sawant has been pretending to be madly in love with housemate Abhinav Shukla for a while now. On Friday night, she will pull strings to give her gimmick a push, literally.

In the latest promo, Rakhi is seen pulling the strings of Abhinav's shorts, which leaves him shocked, and his wife Rubina Dilaik enraged.

"Rakhi, apni haddein cross mat kijiye (Rakhi, don't cross your limits)," Rubina is seen telling Rakhi.

She warns that if Rakhi does not respect her husband, she would have to deal with her.

However, the warning doesn't seem to have any effect on Rakhi or her antics.

She replied: "Aapke husband aapke ghar pe honge, humare yaha to contestant hain (He is your husband at home, here he is a contestant)."

Rubina continued to fuss over Rakhi's latest antic, to which Rakhi responded: "Who are you to tell me my limits? You can not stop me baby. I am in love with Abhinav. Jisko jalna hai, jale (whosoever is jealous, can continue to feel jealous)."

Rubina then asks Rakhi not to go beyond a point in the name of entertainment. "There is a big difference between teasing and badtameezi (mannerless)," , she said.

Rakhi's latest antic comes after she recently ripped Abhinav's underwear, and wrote his name in red all over her body.

Now, the question that arises is if Rakhi's entertainment is turning into harassment.


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