Mumbai: Rapper Badshah, who has been mentoring singer Aastha Gill for her pop debut, went a step further by lending his prized possession, his Jeep, for the shooting of the video of the song "Buzz".

"The requirement of the hour for the shoot was a Jeep and we had to arrange it at short notice. My angel in distress, my bro, Badshah lent us his Jeep and then we shot entire sequence. I think it looks fabulous now," Aastha said in a statement.

Aastha had teamed up with Badshah for songs like "DJ waley babu" and "Abhi toh party".

The video of "Buzz" also features former "Bigg Boss" contestant Priyank Sharma.

During its shooting, Aastha tripped. Luckily, Priyank was right behind her and caught her. But Priyank sprained his ankle. Still he said: "Aastha was worth the pain."

"Buzz" will be released by Sony Music on April 12 across all digital and streaming platforms.