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Tanima Ray

Hyderabad: In this decade of big shot weddings, marriage of 'Baahubali' Prabhas is the most awaited one and rumours of the Darling has been making rounds since years.

With the release of 'Baahubali', the star turned out to be an icon of action and grandeur in film industry. Since then people have fallen in love with his character and address him by the same.

In a bid to turn reel to real, fans have been wishing for Prabhas's hook up with the female protagonist of the movie, 'Anushka Shetty'. Yet, the pair put these speculations to rest and confirmed that they are just 'good friends'.

On the other hand, Prabhas's uncle Krishnamraju had earlier declared publicly that Prabhas will be marrying after the completion of Baahubali's prequel. Although the star has not met his uncle's said deadline, it is speculated that the star will tie the knot after the release of his much awaited movie, 'Saaho' in August this year.

It is said that Prabhas is making the decision as his mother wants him to marry soon.

"He wanted to settle down after Baahubali was completed and he even informed his family, but then Saaho happened. He had to put in a lot of effort and time in the film, so once again he postponed his marriage plans and might think about it after Saaho is completed. It's all because his mom is pressurising him to settle down, "said, a close source to his family to a Hyderabad daily.

Besides, Prabhas has been linked with the likes of daughters of actor and industrialists in past but those were all just rumours.

But seems, the wait of millions of fans of the Rebel star is over now. So, let us find out the date and who would supposedly be the 'lucky' girl to walk down the aisle with the Baahubali.

We know you are eager to know the date of Prabhas marriage and the girl he will marry, but dear readers, sorry for the inconvenience, it's 1st of April and you know what it all means... So, it's just a 'April Fool Prank'. But hope the Darling of millions will soon tie the knot and of course whoever he chooses will be the luckiest girl. Have a Good Day!!


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