Baahubali Prabhas loses Crores following Supreme Court Ruling

Hyderabad: Serlingampally mandal revenue officials have reportedly seized Baahubali Prabhas’ guesthouse at Rai Durgam as per the Supreme Court’s direction. It is believed that the actors’ guesthouse worth crores.

As per reports, the property of the Rebel star falls in Survey No: 46 and as per a recent ruling of the Supreme Court, the entire 84 acres extent of the land in the above survey number belongs to the government.

Following the ruling of the apex court, the concerned authorities started taking possession of all the properties falling under that survey number and the Baahubali’s guesthouse also falls in Survey No: 46.

“The Supreme Court recently gave a judgement that the entire 84 acres land in Survey No: 46 in Rai Durgam belongs to the government. Based on the SC judgement, we identified all the properties that fell under the said survey number and took them into our possession. Since his (Prabhas) house also happens to be under Survey No: 46, we went to the house and took possession,” Deccan Chronicle quoted Vasu Chandra, Deputy Collector, Serlingampally, as saying.

Meanwhile, Prabhas or his representative is yet to speak on the matter.