Mumbai: Actor Arjun Kapoor says he wants to imbibe superstar Salman Khan's quality of remaining unaffected by success and failure.

Salman has been instrumental in bringing Arjun in the film industry and the young actor is thankful to him.

"A lot of things stem in me because of the way he conducts himself, the way he talks or approaches his work, and how he is not affected by success and failure. That is the biggest quality of Salman bhai that I appreciate. He has not changed for anybody ? if he gives ten flops or hits he is still the same," Arjun told PTI.

The actor says the most important thing that he has learnt from his mentor is that regardless of what happens in his professional life, he would not like to change himself as a person for wrong reasons.

"I don't want success to affect me to that extent that I change or failure to that extent that I get sad, bitter and negative. Salman bhai has maintained that and has retained his core qualities nicely. I would like to learn that and imbibe that in personal life," he said.

Arjun has moved on from the failure of his last film 'Aurangzeb'.

"We made a different film and showed the people that I could do something different... I am still very proud of the film. I have not sat and thought what went wrong as there is no point in dwelling about it," he said.

Arjun will be seen next in 'Gunday', which seems to be in into the space of masala entertainers.

"Gunday is not a mindless commercial film. I think we as (young) actors cannot do such (masala films) kind of cinema.

We have not created an audience for ourselves, they just go to see our films and not us. Audience has accepted us but they are still discovering us. The idea of 'Gunday' is not to cater to single screen audience alone," he said.