‘Ye Pakistani Naujawan Jiska Naam Sarfaraz Hai, Ye Dhoka Dega’

They say we need doses of humour when times are tough… Though the time in India is for celebration after its victory against Pakistan in World Cup 2019, Pakistan might need such doses of humour to help them bear the seventh consecutive defeat. And if we tell you that Indian Captain’s wife Anushka Sharma was aware that Pakistan captain will be bowing out to India much in advance, would you believe? Here’s how:

Anushka was told that Sarfaraz (also the name of captain of Pakistan cricket team) is a dhokhebaj (a betrayer) and the entire nation had come to know it. Courtesy,  a Bollywood flick PK.  The prediction about Sarfaraz came from none other than PK’s godman ‘Tapasvi Maharaj’.

  1. It all started when Anushka Sharma alias Jaggu was in Belgium and fell in love with a Pakistani guy named Sarfaraz.
  2. Jaggu wanted to marry Sarfaraz and she informed her parents about the love of her life.
  3. But Jaggu’s father, who was a follower of one godman named Tapasvi Maharaj, said that she couldn’t marry a Pakistani.
  4. However, Jaggu had already decided to marry Sarfaraz. So, she asked him to come to the Town Hall in Bruges to exchange vows.
  5. However, a boy delivered a letter of Sarfaraz to Jaggu in which he had written that he couldn’t marry her because of their differences.
  6. This disappointed Jaggu and she returned to India.
  7. Seeing her disappointed and still waiting for Sarfaraz, her father took her to Tapasvi Maharaj.
  8. Tapasvi Maharaj then went through the ‘kundali’ of Jaggu and predicted that it was evident and said- “Ye Pakistani Naujawan Jiska Naam Sarfaraz Hai, Ye Dhoka Dega” (This Pakistani boy whose name is Sarfaraz will betray).

Here’s how Rajkumar Hirani’s godman in PK had since long predicted that Sarfaraz will betray.

Now, isn’t that a strange coincidence that the Pakistan captain proved true to this dialogue from PK “Ye Pakistani Naujawan Jiska Naam Sarfaraz Hai, Ye Dhoka Dega” (no offence meant, its just pure humour!) LOL.