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Alternatives To Keep You Entertained This Diwali After The Ban On Firecrackers

Change is a scary concept to us humans, but as they say change is the only constant. After a year that changed our lives upside down, people evolved and adjusted to the new normal. The same goes for Diwali as firecrackers have always been an integral part of the festival. After the government’s decision to ban the firecrackers, the festive spirits are already down. But we are here to provide with alternatives that promise to keep you entertained this Diwali.

Here are a number on activities which you can try your hands at this year to lighten up the festival of lights.

Let Your Inner Artist Out –

This Diwali is all about change and awakening, so do things which you wanted to do for a long time. Get in touch with your artistic side – draw a colourful Rangoli or make colourful lanterns for your home. You can also make designs with flower petals and take a selfie or two to show off your inner Picasso. There is a Youtube tutorial at your rescue if you mess it up.

Gaming All Night –

Bring out your competitive side by gaming all night with your family and friends. There are fun games which can be played with all age groups and work as a bonding session among you all. Try the classic Tambola or Bingo game by making someone calling the numbers while the other players check out the numbers written in their card. Combine Antakshari and the Bollywood Dumb Charades  together by enacting the song which guarantees everyone’s entertainment.


Bring Your Own Party (BYOP) is the best way for maximum fun and minimum effort. Every guest brings his or her choice of dish to the party and a secret gift for any other guest. By drawing chits, the gifts and the dishes are revealed. This will be a perfect way to share happiness and not letting the host do all the work.

So which way are you planning to celebrate this Diwali?

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