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Adnan Sami Hits Back At Social Media Troll

Mumbai: Singer Adnan Sami who got Indian citizenship a few years back got trolled on Twitter on his Birthday. But, Adnan replied to the trolls in the most humble and gentle way.

A troll took to Twitter on Thursday asked Sami about where his father was born and where he died.

To which, Sami replied: “My father was born in 1942 in India and died in 2009 in India! Next!”

Sami, who was born in Britain and was earlier a Canadian citizen, is of Pakistani decent. In 2016, He was granted Indian citizenship.

It was Adnan’s birthday yesterday and different social media platforms got flooded with best wishes. Apart from wishes, trollers poked on his citizenship on Independence Day of India.

Being asked on Kashmir issue, Adnan replied…

Troller didn’t even stay away from asking absurd questions, but Adnan replied replied in the best way which was enough to shut hier mouth.

A Pakistani troller even said, “We got rid of you” and Adnan replied…

Best known for his songs like “Tera Chehra”, “Kabhi to nazar milao” and “Lift karaa de” in India, Sami is mostly known for playing a variety of musical instruments and has always maintained that the love he has received from Indians is “everything” for him.

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