Pradeep Singh

New Delhi/Bhubaneswar: The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has discontinued two more electives for class 9 and three for class 11 students. Earlier, on March 9, CBSE had discontinued the English Communicative for the academic session 2018-19, which students entering class 9 in CBSE affiliated schools were opting as elective.

CBSE had earlier issued a letter and discontinued as many as seven academic electives and 34 Vocational subjects at Senior Secondary level.

Now, the board has directed all its affiliated schools to discontinue offering three electives for class 9 and three electives for class 11 students from the upcoming academic session, 2018-19.

Details of the CBSE’s Discontinued Subjects

The discontinued Class 9 subjects are:

English Communicative: Code 101

Information and Communication Technology: Code 166

e-Publishing and e-Office: Code 354 and 454

The discontinued Class 11 subjects are:

Dance – Mohiniyattam: Code 062

Multimedia and Web Technology: Code 067

English Elective CBSE: Code 101

Meanwhile, three academic electives - Agriculture: Code 068, Fashion Studies: Code 053, Mass Media Studies: Code 072 - have been merged with similar vocational electives and as per NDTV report, they will be offered as Vocational Electives from the 2018-19 academic session.