Devbrat Patnaik

The Supreme Court had directed Delhi University and the Cental Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) to ensure that the result of CBSE including results of re-evaluation 'are taken into account from the commencing academic year, whilst determining the cut-off date for admission of colleges of the University of Delhi'.

Accordingly, the CBSE decided the List of probable subject of which the examinations are proposed to be conducted in the latter half of February 2019 and list of Academic Subjects of which examinations are proposed to be conducted in the month of March/April, 2019 which is available on CBSE website

In view of the fact that examinations will commence from latter half of February and in view of Rule 140) of Examination Bye Laws, Schools are directed to give the attendance of students counted from the day of commencing of teaching of classes X/XII (beginning of session) up to 1st January 2019 in the enclosed format.

The schools are requested to adhere to the following:

1. All cases for condonation of shortage of attendance be sent to the concerned Regional Offices so as to reach latest by 15th of January

2. The Heads of schools should give the following alongwith the request —

i) Maximum possible attendance by the student counted from the day of commencement of teaching of Classes X/X11 (beginning of the session)

ii) Attendance put in by the candidate during the aforesaid period counted up to 1st of January 2019.

iii) Percentage of attendance of the said candidate.

iv) Specific recommendations of the Principal of the school.

All the schools are requested to reach and understand circular Coord/Exams/2018 dated October 5, 2018 and the current circular to adhere to the guidelines/instructions. It may be noted that no request after January 15, 2019 will be accepted by the CBSE.

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