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New Delhi: In an effort to streamline the processes related to examinations, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has decided to advance the process of Registration of regular students of Class IX and Class XI. It may be noted that data must be uploaded correctly, because from this year onwards, no updation of data from the hard copy of the Registration will be permitted by the CBSE.

The Board examinations for Class X and XII in the year 2020 will be conducted through 16 Regional Offices of the Board. Accordingly, new school codes have been intimated to all the schools by the concerned Regional Offices. Schools have been directed to use only new school codes in all correspondence henceforth with the Board.

All CBSE affiliated schools are required to register themselves before proceeding for online submission. Schools must use the ‘Affiliation Number’ as user ID, already available with them. Features of this year’s Online Registration system are as under:

1. Before proceeding for Registration of students, existing schools shall have to update the data on OASIS.

2. Only those TGTs/PGTs who are teaching Classes IX-X/XI-XII respectively should be shown as TGT/PGT to ensure appointment of eligible evaluators for quality evaluation. Accordingly, in OASIS, classes taught need to be clearly filled in by the schools.

3. It may be ensured that the full names of all the teachers shall be filled in the OASIS. Abbreviations should not be used.

4. New Schools have to first enter the information on the OASIS portal. The information on OASIS should be filled very carefully as schools will not be allowed to change the declared section/strength of students afterwards.

5. Schools are requested to fill in full name of the candidate, mother, father/guardian. Abbreviations should be avoided as they create problems for the students in future.

6. Class IX/XI examinations have to be conducted internally by the schools.

7. All Independent Schools situated in India have to deposit Sports Fee of Rs 10,000 along with registration fee. This fee will be collected through the Online system by default. No separate sports fee is required to be sent by the schools situated in India to concerned Regional Office.

8. Schools can complete the registration process by individual entry or uploading filled in excel file provided by the online registration system.

9. Schools have to upload the photographs and signature of their bonafide students in Class IX/XI registration before final submission.

10. For Class-IX (Skill) and Class-XI (Academic & Skill), schools are advised to offer only those subjects which have been permitted to them by the Board.

11. Details of all students should be submitted only in one lot for each fee slab. Partial submission of data will be not allowed in a fee slab, which means only one list of the students will be accepted in each slot.

12. In case of refund of payment, schools should contact the Regional Office concerned.

13. Schools are required to send the signed copy of finalized data of Registration of class IX/XI to concerned Regional Office only and not to CBSE, Preet Vihar, Delhi.

14. All schools need to ensure that rules of the CBSE are being followed in true sense for registration of Candidates, availability of class rooms and the teachers. Only 40 students are allowed in a section, and pupil teacher ratio is 1:30. Further, number of sections cannot exceed the number of sections permitted by the Board.

15. On-line submission shall close at 5 PM on the designated dates. Schools are, therefore, advised to complete the online submission well in time to avoid the possibility of slow connection/failure to connect to server on account of heavy load on internet on the penultimate day or because of any other basis.

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