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Sharmili Mallick

The Class X Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) students will appear Social Science Exam today. The exam will be held from 10.30 am to 1.30 pm.

Students should know the marking scheme of the paper. There will be 26 questions out of which 7 will be very short answer type. The highest marks allotted to a question will be 5 marks while 11 questions will be of 3 marks each.

Students have to answer the long questions in 100 words each. Similarly, the questions which carries 3 marks each should be written in 80 words while 1 mark type questions should be answered in a single sentence.

Map questions are compulsory in Social Science. There will be one question in this section where the History part will carry 2 marks and the Geography part will carry 3 marks. The map questions fetch good marks, so a student should attempt all the questions in this section.

Meanwhile, CBSE took multiple steps towards maintaining security of question papers. This year CBSE reintroduced the multiple sets of question paper and added many new questions apart from making different sets.

CBSE also integrated technology to track leak or protect the question papers from getting leaked. QR codes were introduced on question papers so that it would be easier to trace the source of the leak. CBSE also kept a record of exam centre superintendents responsible for carrying the question papers at the centre.

The late entry inside the examination was also not allowed. The students required to enter inside the examination until 10:00 am.

The CBSE Class X exam will end today.

On the other hand, CBSE recently shared some video links being uploaded on YouTube by some unscrupulous elements stating that Social Science papers have been leaked, BUT THEY ARE ALL FAKE AND NO PAPER HAS BEEN LEAKED.

CBSE also appealed to students and parents not to react to such fake news in circulation and join hands with the board for a fair and smooth conduct of examinations.

Here are the link to all the video links shared by the CBSE.

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