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Odishatv Bureau

Bhubaneswar: Ahead of the CBSE Class 10, 12 Board Exam 2019, the Central Board of Secondary Education has released an important notification for parents of the students who are set to appear for the board exams this year. In its release, CBSE has mentioned about the important factors helping students develop their inherent potential during the board exams.

"We request you to let the child know how proud you are of your child. Encourage them to believe strongly in their excellent choices of subjects, their levels of understanding, and of the progress they have made in their acquisition of knowledge and in their evolution as young citizens. We request you to help them trust themselves and their potentials, have faith in their exploration beyond artificial boundaries of subjects, and become all that they dream of," read the CBSE release pointing towards parents.

Further assuring the parents, CBSE said, " We, at CBSE. would like to assure you that just like you, we want your child to succeed in every walk of life. CBSE is an exam conducting body. Our role in your child's life acquires maximum importance at the time of Board exams."

Besides, the Board requested parents to ensure certain things for their children. In the release, the Board said that a child must do the following:

1. Go through each and every word on the admit card in your presence and follow all directions given therein, including obtaining parent's signature on it.

2. Visit the allocated exam centre at least a day before the commencement of the exams, and be assured that it is the correct centre.

3. Must reach the exam centre on or before 9.45 am on the days of exams and be seated in the exam hall at or before 10 am. No child will be permitted after 10 am.

4. Must wear her/his school uniform on day of exams and carry school ID.

5. Carry permitted stationery in a transparent pouch.

6. Cooperate with the checking to be done at the entry to exam centre.

7. Must not carry cell phones, wallets, purses, chits or pieces of paper, old question papers, or anything that draws suspicion about the possibility of unfair means being adopted.

8. Obey all instructions given in the exam hall and ensure discipline during exams.

9. Read Question Paper carefully and follow instructions in it.

10. Must read the instructions on the Answer Book and fill in accurate and relevant details, wherever required.

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