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Odishatv Bureau

New Delhi: The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is already implementing many changes for Class 10 and Class 12 students ahead of the Board Examinations 2020. Recently, CBSE had mentioned about hike in examination and registration fees of students and change of rules in the subject-change methodology. As per a latest development, the Board is planning to conduct the practical exams very early in this academic session.

If reports are anything to go by, the Board is likely to conduct the exams from the month of December, 2019. It is however pertinent to note that it is the schools which set the dates of practical board exams and/or internal assessment (for class 10), whereas the Board only provides a time limit within which a school is expected to complete these examinations.

Most of the subjects, for Class 10 students, like Maths, Science, etc. have a break up of 80+20 marks. These 20 marks would be termed under internal assessment; however the Board will not allot external examiners for Class 10 practical/ internal examinations.

On the other hand, for Class 12 students, there will be two types of break ups – the subjects with 70+30 break up and the subjects with 80+20 break up, reported Times Now.

Students may note that for 70+30 break up subjects, external examiners appointed will conduct the practical exams at the respective schools. However, the board has not made any decision regarding conduct of such exams at other schools. Reports further claimed that the Board will implement this on a pilot basis first for Delhi region and later try in schools in other States. However, it has not been confirmed by the board as yet.

For the 80+20 break up, the board is yet to decide whether external examiners would be appointed or will the subjects be assessed internally, though the assessment was done externally till last year.

With introduction of the break up in almost all the subjects, including mathematics, sources have shared that the board will revert to internal assessment only and is thinking about dispensing with the external examiner for the 80+20 papers, Times Now reported.

Though these are just presumptions, reports said that the circular from CBSE for the changes proposed and an official confirmation is still awaited.

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