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Bhubaneswar: Will the local transmission of novel coronavirus transmission become a reality in Odisha?

The answer seems to be in affirmative as the P-3 (Covid-19 Positive number 3) at a viral shedding state had come in contact with a high of 112 persons in the State.

Post contact tracing, eleven samples sent for testing. The result of one tested negative and reports of 10 are awaited.

However, it is too early to heave a sigh of relief. Because, two more tests will be done during the 14-day period. The picture will become clear between March last and April first week.

As per the information provided by Covid-19 spokesperson, Subroto Bagchi, the ten monitoring teams working in the Capital city traced a total of 112 individuals having contact with the P-3. Of them, 11 samples, who have a very close contact with P-3, have been sent for test today. While report of one sample shows negative result, test reports of others are awaited.

Meanwhile, the number of Covid-19 suspects in hospital isolation in the State rose to 56 from 36 two days ago.  

Detailing the break-up of contacts, Bagchi said, a total of 3 have close contact with P-3, which includes P3's wife, daughter and driver. Besides, a total of 23 clinic staff, including lab technicians, have come in contact with P-3. And contacts with P-3 within 1meter, including individuals at his workplace (bank), stood at 44.

It needs mentioning here that Bagchi didn't mention anything about whether the number of contacts with P-3 traced is final or additions are possible at a later stage.

As per the latest State health bulletin, a total of 256 samples sent for test today. Reports of 226 cases received. The number of positives stood at 3 in the State.

The bulletin further added that while State's P-1 and P-2 have become asymptomatic, improvement has been observed in case of P-3. Fever has abated in P-3 , it added.

Meanwhile, in order to improve health outcomes in infra, logistics management and  equipments, the State government has invited EoI (Expression of Interests) from senior Professionals with long working experience in large corporate health care sectors, hospital infrastructure and management, international logistics and sourcing of equipments, accessories and materials and also having experience of working with Government, Public and Charitable Sectors. The government will engage such experienced professionals as Honourary Advisors to the Government.

During the last 24 hours, a total of 324 cases have been registered in the state for violations of regulations and guidelines related to COVID-19. While 308 cases relate to violation of lock down, 15 cases relate to violation of 'Home Quarantine' and a single case is related to violation of COVID-19 guidelines.    

As on today, as many as 7080 peoples have registered themselves online and through Covid-19 helpline 104. The break up shows, 4286 are foreign returnees and 2,794 are migrant workers from other states.

Other important announcements:

* In order to mitigate COVID-19 impact on destitutes and helpless people, Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik announced provisioning of cooked food  for 100 to 200 destitutes and helpless in every Gram-Panchayat daily.

*Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik has also announced an assistance worth Rs. 3000 to 65,000 registered street vendors in 114 urban areas of the State.

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