Odishatv Bureau

New Delhi: With a surge of 3,390 new cases and 103 new fatalities, the total tally of novel Coronavirus cases in India stood at 56,342 on Friday, the Union Health Ministry said.

Of the total cases, 37,916 are active while 1,886 people have lost their lives.

A total of 16,593 though have recovered as India undergoes the third-phase of the nation-wide lockdown. The total tally also includes 111 foreign nationals and one migrated patient, said the Health Ministry.

According to the ministry, Andaman-Nicobar, Arunachal Pradesh, Goa and Manipur remain corona-free while the number in Andhra Pradesh has increased to 1,847, out of which 780 have been discharged from the hospital, and reached 38 have died.

As of Friday morning, the number of COVID-19 positive cases in Assam has increased to 54, out of which 34 have been discharged from hospitals. So far, only one has succumbed to the disease. In West Bengal the figure has reached 1,548, 364 have been discharged and 151 have died so far -- the fatality rate has been high in the state.

The number of positive cases in Bihar has reached 550, of which 246 have been discharged. Five have died so far. While, in Chandigarh, the virus-count has reached 135 out of which 21 were discharged and one has died.

In Chhattisgarh, the total tally has reached 59, of which 38 have been discharged. Whereas, in Dadra and Nagar Haveli only one COVID-19 case has been reported so far.

Maharashtra continues to top the tally with 17,974 cases and 694 fatalities, while 3,301 people were cured in the state. It is followed by Gujarat with 7,012 cases and 425 deaths and 1,709 recovered.

There are at least 5,980 cases in the national capital with 1,931 recoveries and 66 deaths. Other states which saw an increased number of cases are Tamil Nadu (5,409), Rajasthan (3,427), Madhya Pradesh (3,252) and Uttar Pradesh (3,071).

The COVID-19 count in Haryana has reached 625, while 260 have been discharged. The state has reported seven deaths so far. In Himachal Pradesh the figure has increased to 46, 38 have been discharged, and two have died.

The number of people infected with Coronavirus in Jammu and Kashmir has reached 793, of which 335 have been discharged and nine have died.

As many as 132 cases have been reported in Jharkhand so far -- 41 were discharged and three have died. The figure has reached 705 in Karnataka, 366 was discharged and 30 have died.

In Kerala, this figure has reached 530, with 474 been discharged from hospital and four have died. In Ladakh, the figure has gone up to 42 by Friday morning while 17 have been discharged from the hospital.

There have been 12 cases in Meghalaya, 10 were discharged and one has died. So far only 1 case has been registered in Mizoram. There have been 219 cases in Odisha, 62 have been discharged. Two have died.

The number of people infected with the virus in Puducherry is 9.

Meanwhile, 1,644 people have been reported to be suffering from the virus in Punjab, out of which 149 have been discharged, 28 have died.

In Telangana the figure has reached 1,123, out of which 650 have been discharged and 29 have died.

The number of corona victims in Tripura reached 65 by Friday morning, of which two have been discharged from the hospital so far. Uttarakhand has reported 61 COVID-19 cases, out of which 39 have been discharged and one has died.