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Coronavirus Lockdown: Naveen Seeks Inter-State Cooperation For Stranded Citizens

Bhubaneswar: Odisha CM Naveen Patnaik today sought coordination and cooperation among states for people who are stranded and cut-off from their home states due to the nationwide Coronavirus lockdown. In a letter to his counterparts in other states, CM Naveen Patnaik said “Coronavirus has been a challenge for the human race transgressing all boundaries. We as a country are jointly fighting this invisible enemy with collective resolve.”

Citing that when an unprecedented but very much needed step to lockdown the nation for 21 days is taken, even with all precautions some people may be stranded across the country away from their homes.

“They may be pilgrims, students, workers and professional etc. We understand that many may be under distress in this regard and I would make an earnest appeal to you that any person or group of persons from Odisha stranded in any part of your state may please be assisted with basic food, accommodation, security etc. I will be grateful if this message is passed on to all the district collectors of your state. Odisha will bear whatever cost is needed for their safe keeping”

While extending a helping hand to other states, CM Naveen wrote that “I have also directed all our district collectors to assist persons in need from other states. Their cost will be met from CM’s relief fund. We have put a monitoring team with a principal secretary of the Home department to look after this and co-ordinate in case anyone from your state is stranded here in Odisha and our system has not responded.”

While assuring that he is always available for help, Naveen said that it is one of the most challenging times faced by the human race and I am sure all of us will overcome this with the joint resolve and action.

Earlier today, Taking note of the plight of the stranded Odias, Union Minister Pratap Sarangi had urged CM Naveen to take steps so that the stranded people from the State do not face problems in getting food and lodging.

In a letter to the CM, Sarangi had said, “The rapidly evolving Coronavirus scenario and the consequential decisions have caught many people unaware, unprepared and stranded, including the ones from Odisha, in other states without any food and accommodation. As the current lockdown is going to continue for three weeks, the stranded people, who include among other students, trainees, pilgrims, workers, have become anxious about their basic requirements of food and lodging in the alien land.”

Sarangi had urged, we need to humanely reconcile both situations to help the stranded people stay in the same place wherever they are, and at the same time, to facilitate food and lodging for them during the period of restrictions. A helpline may be put in place for the stranded people to establish communication with the State government about their whereabouts, requirements and well-being, Sarangi had demanded.



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