Odishatv Bureau

New Delhi: Fifatrol as an immunity-boosting ayurvedic drug has found a mention among around 200 technologies and research activities evaluated by experts in a recently released compendium for combating coronavirus.

Compiled by the state-run National Research Development Corporation, the 'Compendium of Indian Technologies for Combating COVID-19 (Tracing, Testing &Treating)' provides the status of 200 indigenously developed technologies and ongoing research activities and efforts taken by the government to combat the deadly viral infection.

Health experts have suggested that boosting the body's immune system may help minimise the effects and hasten the recovery from the disease, the compendium stated.

"Prime Minister Narendra Modi, too, recently highlighted the benefits of Ayurveda and urged people to have a look at AYUSH Ministry's protocol to stay fit, saying good health is the harbinger of happiness.

"Fifatrol acts as an immunity enhancer which is a multi-drug combination of ayurvedic classical medicines and herbs. Researchers have suggested that Fifatrol acts as a natural antibiotic and fights infection, flu and ache," it stated.

Elaborating the salient features of the drug, the compendium stated that Fifatrol is a natural formulation providing fast relief from nasal congestion, sore throat, body ache and headache.

"It is enriched with scientifically validated botanical extracts and micro-nutrients. It is a rational combination of vital phytoconstituents, immunomodulators and antioxidants which justifies its beneficial effect for the treatment of viral upper respiratory infections," it said.

Fifatrol, developed by the AIMIL Pharma, is a formulation of well-known immunity enhancer herbs like Guduchi', Sanjeevini Ghanvati', Daruharidra', Apamarga', Chirayata', Karanja', Kutaki', Tulsi, Godanti' (Bhasam), Mrtyunjaya Rasa', Tribhuvana Kriti Rasa' and Sanjivani Vati'.

The drug offers improved immune system in top notch form to fight off viral, bacterial and other infections; normalises raised body temperature, fastens recovery and eases the associated symptoms like flu, cold and congestion, the compendium stated.

The prime minister had urged AYUSH practitioners to pitch in to tackle the coronavirus pandemic. He has also been exhorting the citizens to fall back on traditional home remedies to boost their immunity amid the outbreak.