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San Francisco: Amid Amazon's annual shareholders conference where dozens of people joined to discuss issues like renewable energy use and equal pay, a woman called out to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos trying to return a product that was purchased from the e-commerce platform.

Taking advantage of the open question-and-answer round with Bezos, the woman, who is also an Amazon shareholder, tried to return a purchase directly to the CEO.

"Amazon shareholder attempts to return item at annual meeting, saying she had tried without luck four times," GeekWire reporter Todd Bishop tweeted on Wednesday.

Bezos, although surprised, handled the situation with ease and satirical humour.

"My apologies that you had to use this unusual venue to accomplish what should have been a routine task. Anybody else have anything they need to return?" Bishop quoted Bezos as saying.

Usually, customers willing to return products use the Amazon app or resort to helpline and customer care numbers.

The meeting was held in Seattle where shareholders and employees demanded the company to take action on climate change and work on pay parity.

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