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Devbrat Patnaik

We know how difficult cash transactions are when we don't have a debit or credit card in possession. State Bank of India (SBI) has always advised its customers to use the cards wisely so that they don't fall prey to fraudsters. Credit cards give you a lot of power and if you follow some crucial mantras about their usage, you can harness them well.

Follow these guidelines issued by the SBI:

Ensure the safety of your Credit Card, PIN number, Card expiry date, CVV (security code) by all means. Also, Please do not share your One Time Password (OTP) with anyone. Always get your current contact number updated to ensure receipt of transaction alerts. Whenever you travel abroad, please stay informed about the benefits you can avail in case of card loss or theft, such Card Insurance plans & Emergency Card replacement services.

Be vigilant and check your credit card statements/transaction alert SMS carefully for any suspicious transaction(s). If you ever notice any unsolicited transaction, immediately report the same.

Avail credit cards from institutions that follow national & international standards for secure transactions

Do not hand-over your credit card to people, whom you do not know. When you shop, make sure that the card is not out of your sight and you have collected your card at the end of the transaction. Also, before signing the charge slip, check the amount printed on it.

Keep your Credit Card, CVV and helpline numbers saved with you separately and in case of card loss or theft, immediately inform your card issuer and get the card blocked.

Always log in into your credit card account from a secure computer that is malware free. Make a strong password(combination of Upper case, numbers & special characters) for the online account of your credit card and do not share your password with anyone.

Refrain from responding to correspondences that asks for your Credit Card number, expiry date, CVV or password/OTP details. Banks or your card issuer, will never ask for this information from you. Whenever you get such mails, calls, SMS, etc. bring them to the notice of your card issuer.

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