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Even though debit-cum-ATM card offers a lot of conveniences, it is prone to risks which a cardholder must be aware of. Banks have been issuing advisories from time to time to debit cardholders to ensure that they do not fall victim to fraud and hacking.

Tips issued by banks:

It is always advisable to memorise the ATM PIN and not to write the password anywhere. Banks always ask its customers to change the password on regular basis.

Do not share your ATM PIN with anyone including bank officials or friends.

During ATM transaction banks advise customers to stand close to the ATM. It’s better to use your hand and body while undertaking ATM transaction.

Banks always ask ATM card users to click the ‘cancel’ button before leaving the ATM room. ATM cardholders must collect transaction slip and throw it into dustbin after tearing it.

In case of loss or stealing of ATM card, card users must immediately report it to the bank. Card users must. Bank customers must register their mobile number so that they can get alert in case of any transactions.

On a few occasions it is seen that card gets stuck in the ATM, or cash is not dispensed after a transaction. In such cases card users must call up the bank.