New Delhi: Petrol prices across the four metros were stable on Saturday. In the national capital, the fuel was sold at an unchanged price of Rs 76.35 per litre.

In Kolkata, Mumbai and Chennai too, prices were stable at Rs 79.02, Rs 84.18 and Rs 79.24 per litre respectively.

On Friday, petrol prices fell by eight paise in Delhi, Kolkata and Mumbai and by nine paise in Chennai.

The price of diesel was unchanged for the fourth day in a row. In Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai and Chennai, it was sold at Rs 67.85, Rs 70.40, Rs 72.24 and Rs 71.62 a litre, all unchanged since the last decline in June 12.

Fuel price in the country is largely determined by global crude oil prices, which have been on a downslide for nearly a month now. The Brent crude oil is currently priced over $73 per barrel, down from nearly $80 a barrel a month ago.