Credit cards offered by banks and financial institutions provide a variety of benefits. Many use credit cards to purchase movie tickets or shop apparels or refuelling their vehicles. With these featured credit cards, life has become easy while earning reward points and discounts on purchases. However, the user must be aware of the features, rewards and other details such as charges to ensure hassle-free transactions.

Someone should go for a credit card as per his/her requirement. On basis of spendings and analysing the requirements one is advisable to get a credit card. As a credit card provides an option to avail short-term credit, it is better to use it judiciously.

After purchasing through credit cards, the users are advisable to opt for the option to repay through the equated monthly instalment (EMI). Therefore, the users must know the processing charges and interest rates.

To avoid poor credit score, users must pay the credit card dues on time. As banks consider credit score and repayment cycle while granting loans, the users must take note of repaying the amount timely.

Usually credit card issuing company give a grace period for repayment of dues. The banks and financial institutions allow users to make payments without any interest if the same is done within the end of the billing cycle to the next payment due date.

Though a credit card simplifies life, untamed use of these cards may lead to financial disaster.