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It seems Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd (BSNL) is trying hard to expand its subscriber base. Earlier, the State-run telecom company had revised its prepaid and postpaid plans. But this time to woo more subscribers, BSNL has introduced cashback offers for its postpaid subscribers.

BSNL subscribers who avail Rs 1,525 monthly postpaid plan and pay the full annual amount of Rs 18,300, will get 25% cashback of Rs 4,575, according to a report by TelecomTalk. Similarly, users availing Rs 1,125 monthly plan get a cashback of Rs. 3,375 (25%) if they pay the annual amount at a time. The same offer is available to Rs 799 plan.

Meanwhile, the telecom player is offering 20% cashback for Rs 725 and Rs 525 per month plans whereas 10% cashback is being offered for Rs 399, Rs 325 and Rs 225 postpaid plans.

BSNL is offering 12% cashback for Rs 1,525 monthly plan, if a subscriber pays for six months in one shot. Similarly for Rs 1,125 and Rs 799 postpaid plans the telecom service provider gives 12 percent cashback. Subscribers of Rs 725 and Rs 525 plans will get 8 percent cashback. However, Rs 399, Rs 325, and Rs 225 plan subscribers will only get 4 percent cashback.

According to TelecomTalk, cashback offer is only applicable for BSNL subscribers in the Kerala circle. A subscriber can avail the cashback offer if the payment is made before the deadline.

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