Considering the increase in number of ATM frauds, one should be a little bit careful while dealing with ATM card transactions. One should not share the ATM card number and PIN with anyone. It is always advisable to change the ATM PIN on regular basis.

An ATM cardholder should memorise his/her card PIN number without jotting down it in a piece of paper. In case, the cardholder forgets the PIN, the user can generate a new one without visiting bank branches through these simple ways:

Step 1 – Visit the nearby ATM

Step 2 – The user should insert the card in the ATM and select the language

Step 3 – Enter the ATM card number

Step 4 – Select the PIN change option

Step 5 -: After the screen displays ‘Please enter your new pin’, the user should enter the new PIN

Step 6 – Retype the new PIN once the screen displays ‘Please re-enter your new PIN’. With this the PIN change process is completed

A message ‘Your PIN changed successfully’ will appear on the screen. Now you can enter the new PIN and do transaction in securely at the ATM.