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Why look at the world only from behind your laptop screen? Go out and explore! This is your chance. Travel around the world for awesome fares with AirAsia!



Located on the banks of Yarra River, the city of Melbourne, also called “Marvellous Melbourne” is a modern metropolis in the continent of Australia.  Whether it’s dining, relaxing, or shopping, Melbourne seems to have everything in a very vibrant and artistic environment. Melbourne’s graffitied laneways, Victorian buildings, manicured parks and gardens and the old tram networks are some of the few things you should watch out for!



Blessed with an ideal climate, this cosmopolitan city ischaracterised by iconic beaches and world heritage sites. It is the most visited site in Australia with a wide multi-cultural vibe to it. An urban wonder full of glamor and natural charm, Sydney is known as the city of superlatives; the amazing natural beauty, the dynamic arts and culture landscape, the outdoor landscape and the innovative fashion scene is what makes Sydney stand out.

Kuala Lumpur:


The modern and exotic capital city of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur is one of the cities you’re surely going to fall in love with! This magnificent city is filled with pristine beaches, fabulous shopping areas, world-class cuisine and pulsating nightlife. Other than these, you are sure to find a lot of greenery in the city and not to forget, the street food! The street food in Kuala Lumpur is a vibrant mix of Thai, Chinese, Indian and Malay cuisines.



Singapore isn’t just about skyscrapers and shopping malls. There’s more to this city. It proves to be a kaleidoscope of diverse cultures- be it the nightlife or the astounding natural landscape. It’s a fabulous place for a vacation with family as it has to something to offer to all age groups.



From surfing at Oahu, to the wonders of Maui and the beauty of Honolulu- Hawaii, America’s tropical paradise has something very special to offer to each guest. The beautiful beaches, amazing jungles and the enormous waterfalls serve to be a great destination spot for honeymooners, surfers, adventure seekers and families. It is the most magnificent place on Earth. Set foot on the Hawaiian Islands to experience gleaming white sands and turquoise waters!



Jakarta is a huge, sprawling metropolis situated in the heart of Indonesia. Jakarta is filled tourist and sightseeing attractions, loads of shopping malls, mouth-watering cuisine and excellent nightlife. It offers a wide range of modern recreations and amusement parks. A dynamic city with extreme contrasts, in Jakarta you can find all of Indonesia. With people pouring in from various cultures and backgrounds, the food here comes with a diversity of flavours- something that will leave an everlasting impression on your mind.



“Manila” means “the place of flowering mangroves”. This mega city has a charm that you’ll want to keep coming back to.  Manila offers a welcoming atmosphere and a fascinating blend of cultures. From edgy galleries to lively indie music, Manila is a place that thrives as a true Asian mega city.



There’s plenty for all in Auckland. From sparking harbours to stunning heritage sites and the outdoor theatres, there is entertainment and loads of fun activities for everybody. Filled with quirky cafes and fine dining restaurants, art galleries and museums, Auckland will please its guests. The city also offers activities like skydiving; jet boating, bungee jumping for people looking for an adrenaline rush. Auckland also has some wine regions that produce quality wine in great varieties.



Known for its exquisite beaches, this Malaysian archipelago of Langkawi is an ultimate escape from frenetic cities. Essentially tropical, ‘the Jewel of Kedah’, is a paradise for those seeking peace and quiet. With a total of almost 99 islands, Langkawi is a major tourist hub. The beach walks during sunset, an array of beach bars and lip-smacking cuisines add to its appeal. With world-class infrastructure, mangroves rich in flora and fauna, and fascinating legends, Langkawi is a must visit!



The vast territory, the beautiful landscapes, the splendid culture is what China mainly comprises of. The country is blessed with long coastlines, gorgeous canyons, steep mountains, desolate deserts, crystal lakes, snow covered mountains and tropical evergreen forests. Due to this scenic beauty, and some unique music, drama and popular delicacies, China has attracted a lot of tourists. There are also some man made attractions like the Great Wall of China that are very popular across the globe.



The subtropical island is a home to many natural spectacles that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. This incredibly green island with its aboriginal culture will leave you speechless. Officially called the Republic of China, Taiwan is a delight to explore colourful festivals, the beautiful east coast, the mysterious outlying islands and the beautiful mountains which provide a great opportunity for hitchhikers.



The exquisite combination of ancient culture and natural landscape and dazzling modernity in Japan is what steals the visitors’ hearts. You cannot help falling in love with this country with its beautiful temples and shrines, perfect natural landscapes, and yummy sushi.

South Korea:


Known internationally for its modern and rapid technological advances, South Korea preserves a large amount of natural beauty as well as its tradition. It is a country famous for diversity which is seen in the industrialised, urbanised cities as well as the cultural, rural areas. With more than 5000 years of culture and history, South Korea is surely going to offer a dazzling range of experiences to its visitors.

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