Taurus Weekly Horoscope from Feb 6-12: Small changes will make big difference


This week, stick to what you know and don't try to push yourself outside of your comfort zone. However, that doesn't mean you can't have any fun! Indulge in some of your favourite things and enjoy the simple pleasures life has to offer.Just remember that not all risks have to be huge leaps; small changes can still make a big difference in your life.

You'll find yourself feeling more confident and optimistic than usual, and people will be drawn to your positive energy. Things will flow smoothly for you in both your personal and professional life.

However, beware of overindulging or being too stubborn - keep things in moderation and stay open-minded, and you'll continue to reap the benefits of this wonderful week!

  • Remedy :Tip of the week: Stick to the basics
  • Auspicious Day :Wednesday, Friday
  • Auspicious color :Blue, White
  • Lucky Numbers :5, 6, 8
  • Gemstone :Diamond
  • God :Vishnu
  • Goddess :Mahalakshmi
  • Rudraksha :Six-faced
  • Inauspicious Day :Saturday
  • Ghatachandra :Virgo
  • Ghatatithi :Panchami, Dashami, Purnima, Amavasya
  • Ghata Naxatra :Hasta

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