Daily Horoscope for Aquarius, April 3, 2024: Emphasizing harmony, vigilance, and collaboration for growth


Here is the daily astrological prediction for Aquarius, the eleventh astrological sign in the zodiac. The forecasts suggest that maintaining peace within families, staying vigilant during travels, and fostering collaboration with friends and partners will be key in the coming period. Check what more you can expect today. 

Dhanishta: Maintaining tranquillity within the family through concise communication could alleviate disturbances and foster growth. Caution is advised during travels to prevent the misplacement of belongings, which could lead to unforeseen challenges and potential enmities.

Shatabhisa: The prospect of reuniting with friends promises moments of joy and collaboration across various sectors such as commerce, transportation, and workshops, yielding mutual benefits. Despite occasional discord, partnerships have the potential to flourish, paving the way for harmonious relationships.

Purvabhadrapada: Social standing receives a boost, while matters concerning land or property may come to the forefront, offering opportunities for resolution through mediation or arbitration. Significant strides in career advancement could be made, underscoring the importance of seizing pivotal moments for personal growth and professional development.

  • Remedy :As a remedial measure for prosperity, it is recommended to offer Tulasi to Lord Vishnu
  • Auspicious Day :Friday, Saturday
  • Auspicious color :Black, Blue
  • Lucky Numbers :3, 7
  • Gemstone :Blue Sapphire
  • God :Lord Ganesh
  • Goddess :Kali
  • Rudraksha :4 faced
  • Inauspicious Day :Thursday
  • Ghatachandra :Sagittarius
  • Ghatatithi :3rd, 8th, 13th
  • Ghata Naxatra :Adra
Deepak Acharya
Deepak Acharya

Jyotirvid Deepak Acharya (Bhabishya Jyoti) is a Jyotisha Sudhakara and has 15 plus years of experience. 
Deepak  Acharya is an engineer in electronics, networking and hardware. He is also former engineer at IBM. He has completed  Jyotishsri and Jyotish Sudhakar at Bhagyalipi Gurukul (Odisha) under the guidance of late  Jyotirbid Dr. Nirmai Chandra Banarjee.
He has been awarded by several astrological and vastu organisations both National  and at International level.
Deepak Archarya is an expert in  Kundali Analysis,  Scientifically reading of horoscope, vastu expert and also suggests remedies by  gemstone,  perfoming  chandi patha, mangala dosha khandana, kala sarpa santi and dasa maha bidya puja since the past 15 years and continuing.  And he is a life member of Indian astrological  research  institute  (Jharkhand).

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