Horoscope for Nov 22: Harmony in love and family life for Gemini, troublesome day for these zodiacs

Zodiac sign plays a very crucial role in almost all aspects of our life. Every sign has its own set of characteristics. If you are eager to know about your wealth, investment plan, and financial success, read the astrological predictions for November 22.



Tuesday 22 Nov 2022

Ashwani – You will get rid of health problems. Relationships of friendship will improve. Even if there is an increase in expenditure, income will be maintained.

Dwija – There is a fear of falling off the vehicle while going on the road. Students cannot concentrate on studies. You may cooperate in works of government agencies.

Krutika – There will be an opportunity to be with the leader or high officials. You will demonstrate skills in the field of art.

Remedy – Recite Gayatri Mantra of Narasimha


Lucky color :Red

Lucky number :9