Putting the Cart before the Horse

Mohan Majhi, recently appointed as the Chief Minister, faces criticism alleging he was chosen to facilitate iron ore exploitation in Keonjhar, Odisha by Ambani and Adani. Critics ignore past unchecked mining abuses and instead focus on vilifying Majhi without awaiting his administrative actions.

"Putting the Cart before the Horse"

Within minutes of Mohan Majhi being chosen as the leader of the BJP legislature party, I got a call from a politician, who left the BJP and joined the Congress just weeks before the election. "Ambani and Adani have won," she announced triumphantly in an apparent reference to the stakes of the two business tycoons in Odisha in general and the enormous iron ore deposits in Keonjhar, Majhi's home district, in particular. In the time since then, variations of the same verdict have been played on social media ad nauseam with apologists of the ancient regime taking the lead. The insinuation: Majhi was chosen because he is an adivasi from Keonjhar and thus can be made to 'toe the line' and facilitate the easy handover of the iron ore mines to the two rapacious businessmen from Gujarat who have been allegedly propped up by the Narendra Modi regime right through its two terms.

That the new Chief Minister has vowed to end 'mafia Raj' in Keonjhar hasn't made the slightest difference to those engaged in the vilification campaign against him. They will brook no questions on their verdict nor wait to see how the new CM acts. As far as they are concerned, the verdict is final, not subject to any review or appeal in a 'higher court'.