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Allu Arjun reveals what triggered Pushpa’s signature walk

From Pushpa’s 'Thaggedhe le' dialogue by a hand stroking his beard to strutting around with a tic in the shoulder, it is hard to deny the kind of rage the stylish actor has created with his swag in his first Pan-India film.

Credit: Allu Arjun

After cementing his place in the hearts and minds of movie lovers in the south, Icon Star Allu Arjun stepped up to spread his magic pan-India with 'Pushpa: The Rise'. The stupendous success of the Telugu-origin movie says it all. With his charming personality, the 'stylish' superstar made a splash on the silver screen, winning millions of hearts worldwide. 

It is not just about his never-seen avatar as Pushparaju in the movie; several of his iconic dialogues, signature walk and hook steps send fans into frenzy. Not just the commoner, but several international icons recreated the moments in their own way and garnered global attention. Such is the craze of Pushpa.

From 'Pushpa...Pushparaju, Mein Jhukega Nahi' dialogue while swirling his hand through his beard with a tic on the shoulder, it is hard to deny the kind of rage the stylish actor has created with his swag in his first Pan-India film. Seems like, the Sukumar directorial film has got everything an audience wanted since a long time. Pushpa’s gait and mannerisms became so popular that several other celebrities were not spared from the craze.

However, many are still anxious to know what inspired the maker to add such unique steps.

Revealing the secret, in his latest interview, Allu Arjun spilt the beans that inspired to add the signature walk. Recalling the 'behind the camera' scene, the actor said, "Sukumar Garu said, 'I don’t know what you do, but everybody has to walk like you,". Later, Allu came up with an inclined shoulder walk and convinced his director that it would be “easily imitable”.

Furthermore, the actor added, “The idea wasn’t to impress the whole country but it was a great by-product. If your local audience is impressed, then automatically the energy transfers and the aura spreads.”

Undoubtedly, the 'Arya' actor never loses a chance to impress fans with his stylish appearance, and acting. Allu Arjun's swag and characterisation have made helped the actor to make a permanent place in the heart of cine lovers. 

With accolades still coming in, the Telugu cine industry’s ‘Icon Star’ now has added yet another feather to his cap. The south superstar earned his place on the cover of a leading national magazine that referred to him as "The South Swag". Allu was seen posing in his signature Pushpa style on the cover.

The fact that Allu Arjun is seen on the cover photo suggests that he is one of the runners in South cinema’s rise to the top of the Indian film industry. This also highlights the spike in Allu Arjun’s popularity across India; thanks to 'Pushpa: The Rise'. Recently, the film also made another record by being the first album in India to cross 5 billion views.

'Pushpa: The Rise' was one of the most anticipated films that released in December 2021 and went on to break several box office records with its brilliant storyline and on-point plot. The makers are prepping up for the sequel, 'Pushpa: The Rule.' 

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