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Reliance Jio launches JioTag: Bluetooth tracking device with impressive features

JioTag, a Bluetooth tracking device by Jio, helps locate belongings. Affordable at Rs 749, it connects to smartphones, has a 20m indoor and 50m outdoor range, and offers Jio Community Find feature.

Credit: TwitterReliance Jio launches JioTag: Bluetooth tracking device with impressive features

Jio the Indian telecom company has introduced JioTag a Bluetooth tracking device to help people find their lost belongings.

Similar to Apple's AirTag and Samsung's Galaxy SmartTag, JioTag is an affordable solution that connects to smartphones via Bluetooth.

Here are the JioTag's features, benefits, and its growing popularity among Indian consumers.


JioTag is a versatile and user-friendly tracking device that offers a range of features.

It has a square shape, a white color, and prominently features the Jio logo.

Weighing only 9.5 grams, JioTag is compact and lightweight, allowing easy attachment to personal items like wallets and handbags.

JioTag utilises Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity, providing a range of up to 20 meters indoors and up to 50 meters outdoors.

This enables users to track their belongings even if they are in a separate room or at a distance.

By connecting JioTag to the JioThings app on their smartphones, users can effortlessly monitor the location of their tagged items.

JioTag offers a handy feature that helps locate misplaced smartphones.

With a double-tap on the JioTag, the user's phone will ring, even if it is on silent mode.

This feature proves valuable during moments of panic when the phone is urgently needed but can't be found.

JioTag also incorporates the Jio Community Find feature, similar to an Ultra-Wideband network.

If you can't locate your belongings even at the last disconnected place, you can label your JioTag as lost on the JioThings app.

The Community Find feature will then search for your lost JioTag and provide its location.

This community-driven approach improves the chances of finding lost items by harnessing the collective efforts of JioTag users.

Price in India

JioTag is a highly affordable tracking tag in the Indian market.

Its original price is Rs 2199, but it is currently available at a discounted price of Rs 749 on Jio's official website.

The user's preference and budget dictate the choice in terms of performance and price.

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