The Sleek Hunters Of Barbara!

Dholes are extremely fast feeders and in no time can strip down a full grown sambhar to its bare bones. Their restless character prompts them to gulp down mouthfuls of meat before lopping away to their next destination.

Dholes - The Sleek Hunters Of Barbara (Image For Representational Purpose)

The light of the pale half moon cast its silver rays on the dark forest in front of the Rest House of Dhuanali in Barbara Forests of Khurda district. The faint sound of conch shell being blown in a distant forest hamlet to welcome Goddess Durga on the sixth day of her worship could be heard. The soft moonlight could not penetrate the inky black darkness beneath the shadowy litchi trees planted by the erstwhile British officers.

Hot piping tea revived our spirits which had been sapped by the bone jarring journey through the rain damaged rocky road. The loud mating sounds of the cicadas broke the stillness of the evening as the jungle smells wafted through the air. Messages had been sent out to all forest posts by the Range Officer to report kills of carnivores. After a quick dinner on the antique teak dining table, we fell asleep.