Autism Is Treatable

ASD can best be treated at an early age of child which is called Early Intervention(EI) and is crucial as this is the time the brain is growing rapidly in children.


Does your child not looking you directly in the eyes when you are talking to him/her or playing with him/her? Does your child not pointing with one finger to ask for something or to get help? Does your child not responding to name calls or is unable to understand properly whatever is spoken? Have trouble in interacting with children of his/her age group and appear to be lost in a daydream most of the time? Does he/she line up toys and other objects or hold objects to the side/corner of his/her eyes? Does your child spin, flap his/her hands or play with own’s finger, scream in public places, walk on tiptoes, have aggressiveness, excessively sensitive to certain sensations like touch, movement etc.? It might indicate, he/she may have Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). If you find these types of difficulties/behaviour; don’t wait. Please consult a professional as early as possible so that you can ensure your child gets the right help to overcome many challenges and succeed in life.

What is autism spectrum disorder (ASD)?